We Love our Volunteers!  They are needed to ensure that drop-offs run efficiently, check-out lines are kept to a minimum, pick up goes quickly and the sale in general, is a huge success!  Give Moo La La Boutique a few hours of your time and enjoy the perks that volunteering has to offer…


  • Shop the VIP Mommy’s Night-Out Event!
  • Earn a higher percentage on your consigned items! The more you volunteer, the more you can earn!
  • A Consignor who works 3+ shifts will earn an extra 10% – which means you get 75% of your total sales and you get to shop at 4:00pm
  • A Consignor who works 2 shifts will earn an extra 5% – which means you get 70% of your total sales and you get to shop at 5:00pm
  • A Consignor who works 1 shift gets to shop at 6:00pm
  • Shop our Discount Day Pre-Sale for Volunteers and Consignors to get access to all items that are discounted before the public.


~Every 3 hours worked is the equivalent of 1 shift unless otherwise noted on the schedule. (6 hour shift = 2 shifts)


~Please note- if you are volunteering and not consigning, at least one of your shifts has to be completed PRIOR to the pre-sale.*

Some of the things our volunteers do…

Drop Off
Check In Workers
Lucky you!!  You get first peek at everything coming into the sale!  If you have an eye for details and don’t mind looking through clothing, this is the job for you!  Check-in workers inspect merchandise to make sure it meets Moo La La Boutique Standards.
These are the people that are responsible for hanging clothing on racks and organizing by size and gender. They are also responsible for putting the equipment and toys in their proper places. Can you look at a bunch of stuff and just “know” what to do with it? Well, then you would be perfect!

Sales Floor

Check-out Workers
These volunteers will count merchandise, help to calculate totals, and bag items. You will be assisting the cashiers.
Sales Floor Volunteers
Are you a people-person? This may be the job for you! These workers will be responsible for walking the sales floor and helping customers, they are also in charge of customer “go-backs” and keeping the sales floor looking neat and tidy.

The Sort
These are our helpers who are detail-oriented. “The Sort” takes place the night the sale is over. All unsold items need to be sorted by consignor # and grouped together for pick up. Accuracy is extremely important during this part of our sale since we need to make sure that the right items get to the right consignor. Earn an earlier shopping slot on VIP night by signing up to work the Sort the Sunday following the sale!

Set Up / Break Down / Security

Hubby Helpers
Is your hubby handy and helpful? Have your husband volunteer 3 hours of his time and you get volunteer credit! There will be opportunities for them to help out with set up on Monday & Tuesday and breakdown on the last day of the  sale and the Monday following the sale, and shifts throughout the sale to help with security.  Earn an earlier shopping slot on VIP night by signing up your hubby to help with the set up shift!

Volunteer Etiquette

Our Volunteers are the heartbeat of our sale! We ask that you take your commitment to volunteer seriously. If you cannot make your volunteer shift please notify us no later then Friday, March 17. Since many of our volunteer shifts occur after early shopping has taken place, we must trust that those who have committed to the remaining shifts will follow through on their obligations. If you have to cancel last minute for any reason, please try to find someone to take your place. If you are a “No Call/No Show” for your shift you will only be allowed to sign up for volunteer shifts occurring PRIOR to the Volunteer Pre-Sale at subsequent sales.

Tips for Volunteers

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will most likely be standing for your shift and we want you to be comfortable.
  • When you arrive, please sign in to receive credit for your time, put a name tag and Moo La La apron on and ask for directions.
  • It is advised that you do not bring children with you to work. There will be lots of setting up and taking down of equipment and we want to keep your children safe. If you cannot arrange childcare, contact us and we will try and find a volunteer position for you that will allow your children to remain with you.
  • Mothers with small infants are welcome to bring their baby along if they are able to work with them in a sling/carrier. Please contact us so we can arrange a position that suits this need.
  • Anyone can volunteer with Moo La La, you do not need to be a consignor. You will still get to shop early at the VIP Pre-Sale before the other consignors. If you are NOT a Registered Consignor you will be required to sign up for a shift that occurs PRIOR to the Volunteer Pre-Sale. 

To sign up for your volunteer shift and get in on the fun please click the link below to schedule your shift. Can’t wait to meet you at the sale!


SELL gently used items, SHOP for amazing deals, SAVE lots of MOOLAH!