Who Are We?

Moo La La Boutique was brought to the Central Coast in the Fall of 2012 by two sisters: Krista & Stephanie. When we were asked by Carrie Anderson (the owner and co-founder of Moo La La Boutique) if we wanted to start a children’s consignment event, we were so excited!  We thought what a great opportunity it would be to spend more quality time with our kids {we have 5 between the two of us}, as well as bring an amazing event to Central Coast Families!  Over the last couple years a lot of changes have taken place in our personal lives. Stephanie has decided to focus on her family and return to school to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. She is still a huge supporter of Moo La La, and she will definitely be around as a consignor and volunteer!


katie and krista

As Moo La La continues to grow, Krista decided that bringing on a business partner was the best option for her to keep running seamless events. The new co-owner of Moo La La Boutique Central Coast is Katie. Katie has been a consignor since Spring of 2013, and she is a firm believer in Moo La La Boutique and the benefits it’s had on her family. We are thrilled to be the sale organizers and owners of Moo La La Boutique of the Central Coast where we get to combine our passions of shopping for our kids, and saving lots of Moolah!! We are excited to grow our sales on the Central Coast, and help local families like yourselves make and save lots of Moolah!! 

We can’t wait to meet you all at our next event! We hope you enjoy making and saving money on your children’s outgrown items as much as we do!  Happy Shopping!!

“…Clothe yourself with splendor and majesty” Psalm 45:3

SELL gently used items, SHOP for amazing deals, SAVE lots of MOOLAH!